"How many wishes do you think we'll get?" - Barnaby Crimp

"I'm helping!" - Barnaby Crimp

Barnaby Crimp is a student at St. Thom Huell, Sports Captain, captain of the rugby team and overall jock. Reasonably artistically talented, while not the most intellectually capable Barnaby is relatively good at thinking on his feet. Strong, athletic and handsome as a result of this achievements in sports, Barnaby is a loyal friend.

Game Master None
Main Cast Barnaby Crimp [LTVS]Cpt. Velsai Evead [STR]Glamon Desmognathus [DITF]Morgan Echo [AHS]
Guest and Specials Cast Harriet Burns [LTVS-MH '17]Noel Snowsparkles [Xmas '17]Waldein Samkeit [POTBS]