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Bentham is a member of Roll4it, and a member of its administration team.

Betham is also a youtube content creator on his channel MangledPork Gaming. He plays multiple games including, but not limited to, Factorio, Cosmoteer and Kingdoms and Castles

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  • The name for Bentham's YouTube Channel "Mangled Pork Gaming" is a play-on-words of his main username of "Bentham". (Bent-Ham = Mangled Pork)

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Game Master None
Main Cast Brander Thraile [DH]Mormund Stoneweaver [D&D]David Cooper [SWN]Deadbolt [SR2]Robert Davidson [LTVS]Lt. Cmdr. S'kon [STR]Ragnar Fastflint [DITF]Lignus Stormsent [POTBS]Arty Noble [AHS]
Guest and Specials Cast Spencer [LTVS-MH '17]Dazzle Starshine [Xmas '17]