Charles Cane is an agent working for ARGUS and the Johnson of the run of S2E06 "Milkrun".

He was looking into the orichalcum shipments run by Proteus AG. However, ARGUS denied him the proper resources, agents in particular, to get it done, so he hired the party.

He was betrayed, however, since after the successful run a bomb planted in a champagne bottle on his plane nearly killed him and crashed the plane along with the party. Soldiers of MET2000, ARGUS' parent company, that should have been allied to him, tried to kill any survivors at the crash site, so it appears someone higher up the chain wants him dead. Saved by the party, he is now in hiding, presumably believed to be dead by his pursuers.

He has a wife working for MET2000, which is currently on leave on account of being pregnant with their second child. He has been working for ARGUS for 12 years.

As a contact, he used to have a connection of 4, but that is reduced to 3 while he is in hiding. To the party he has a loyalty of 3, because they saved his life after the crash.

Charles Cane is not his real name. The original Charles Cane died in the Matrix Crash 2.0 in 2064. His persona was then 'resurrected' by Argus in late 2076 (roughly 6 months before the run) and has had a believable credit history for about three months before the run.