Code::2050 is a cyberpunk-themed series using the code::2050 post-modern extension of D&D 5th Edition developed by Legendary Pants and GM'd by Kiokri.

Un Coup de Main (French for Blow to the Hand, meaning a swift attack) is LP's name for this adventure.


Player CharactersEdit

Non Player CharactersEdit

  • Ruby Yotul-Graves, InterPol Inspector
  • Dik van Honk, Musician
  • Stephan Gaumont, Philanthropist and Activist



Num Air date Name Summary VOD
1 13/14 February, 2018 Chemin de Fer The team encounters a suicide bomber on a train from London to Paris. YT, Twitch
2 20/21 February, 2018 Creme de la Creme YT, Twitch
3 27/28 February, 2018 Portmanteau YT, Twitch
4 13/14 March, 2018 Esprit de Corps YT, Twitch
5 20/21 March, 2018 Nopareil YT, Twitch
6 27/28 March, 2018 Tour de Force YT, Twitch
7 03/04 April, 2018 Deja Vu

YT, Twitch

Special 06/07 March, 2018 Writer QnA with Legendary Pants YT, Twitch


Main CastEdit