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Death in the Family is the first show on Roll4It which does not use a conventional RPG system, rather the GM mode of Divinity: Original Sin II, using a custom campaign created by EnterElysium.

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The Firestarters

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Story Summary by Blacksun388

Playlist for Death in the Family

Num Air date Name Summary VOD
1 November 6, 2017 Of Paws and Plagues Ensatina investigates her family home of Ruben for leads about her family's death and the plague afflicting the lands... YT, Twitch
2 November 13, 2017 Bleeding Fire After talking with a crab, the group runs into trouble on the high seas YT, Twitch
3 November 21, 2017 The Alchemist "Ensatina and the Firestarters" wade through a swamp to search for Gaius the Alchemist, finding many horrific creatures on the way there YT, Twitch
4 November 27, 2017 A Cat Called Ricky The four head to Carolia to chase up leads on a potential cure for the plague YT, Twitch
5 December 4, 2017 The Source of All Things Their targets known, the Firestarters prepare for a series of battles to save Epidicae and Timmy YT, Twitch
Finale Aftershow DITF Finale Aftershow YT

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