Dungeons & Dragons is the second ongoing show on the Roll4It channel. It uses the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules. [ENDED]

Players have been able to stay alive no matter how much Dax tries. Maybe it should be "blame Dax" instead of "blame Caber". They were able to go on a successful peace keeping mission to the Druids, which is not the groups speciality. Dax is a magic user and great at convincing people on his good days. He was a slave to orcs but is no longer. Nos'on is a character who has a shiny spear. It has been hinted that he may have been a pirate but has turned his life around. Mormund comes from a privileged family well known in Dwarven society as amazing workers of stone. He and Dax have been travelling partners for at least 2 months before going on the voyage to the island. Adavi has known Nos'on for a long time. They have remained friends with Nos'on making sure Adavi doesn't eat all the groups food. Grey has been a new addition to the group. He is a scout for an army forming at Ballard's Cross.

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Dungeons & Dragons Youtube Playlist

Number Air Date Title Summary
1 November 16 2016 A New Land In which a goblin swings around like a pendulum while playing a harmonica, a dwarf wins an arm wrestling contest with a giant, a wizard plays a lyre on an empty stomach and a monk saves a merchant from falling overboard.
2 November 23 2016 The Black Hound Did the group hunt down a superstition, or was it the other way around? Either way, Mormund thinks he needs some extra skills to deal with the supernatural.
3 November 30 2016 Necromancy! People are supposed to bleed when you cut them with a knife. They are also supposed to stop moving when they're dead. Sometimes they do neither.
4 December 7 2016 Khizrathi
5 December 14 2016 Colvo and the Underwaterboat
6 December 21 2016 Beaches and Battlefields
7 January 4 2017 Drink Up
8 January 11 2017 Spiders and Bees
9 January 18 2017 Fertiliser and Flames
10 January 25 2017 Making Friends
11 February 01 2017 Battle for the Ritual Stone
12 February 10 2017 Visions of the Past
13 February 17 2017 Gifts of the Dead
14 February 24 2017 Battle for the Croftwood
15 March 3 2017 Return to Woodley The group wraps up their business in the Croftwood and prepares to go back to Woodley.
16 March 17 2017 A Stranger in Grey Returning to Woodly, the group discovers that things have changed while they were gone. Also, the group seems to have caught the attention of two strangers...
17 March 24 2017 Prison Break Captain Adborough has been sentenced to death. Can the group get him out in time?
18 March 31 2017 Welcome to Deepbrow Mine Having escaped from Woodley, the group makes its way to Ollie Deepbrow's mine to find some alabaster.
19 April 14 2017 Terrors in the Deep Finding themselves under ground once more, the group prepares to meet some 'Scrabblies'.
20 April 21 2017 Minecart Ride The mine carts move fast, the Khizrathi are furious and the Deepbrow Mine is full of inconvenient holes...
21 April 28 2017 Enemies at the gate Dax and Grey spend some quality time together and the group finds themselves in front of a large stone door.
22 May 5 2017 Battle of Woodley With scores of Khizrathi on their heels, the group finds themselves in an ancient tomb with seemingly only one way out: the same way they got in.

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  • Mathas - Episode 8: Spiders and Bees