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EnterElysium is a founding member of Roll4It, having acted as GM for many early campaigns and more recently participating as a player. EE also GMed Role4It, the spiritual predecessor to Roll4It. Currently he plays GMs both Layla the Vampire Slayer Season 2 and Cheese Quest.

EnterElysium is also a Youtube content creator and frequently streams on Twitch. He plays multiple games mainly focused on, but not limited to, strategy and sci-fi such as: Kerbal Space Program, Stellaris, Hearts of Iron IV, Motorsport Manager, Rimworld, X-Com, Minecraft and Battletech

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Games Master Shadowrun Seasons 1 & 2Dark HeresyStars Without NumberLayla the Vampire SlayerDeath in the FamilyCheese Quest
Main Cast Dax Fizzlespark [D&D]Cmdr. Shrath Ta'larr [STR]Vermillion Versailles [POTBS]Lance Knight [AHS]
Guest and Specials Cast Rose Darrington [LTVS-MH '17]Ivana Kilzanda [Xmas '17]