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Greater Rosewater Comprehensive is a day school located in Greater Rosewater. Not much in known about it other than the fact that it has a Rugby team, who play against St. Thom Huell in episode 3. Greater Rosewater Comprehensive appears to have a mild rivalry against their local private school, and there is a degree of competition between the two teams. The GRC Rugby Team is captained by Jim, who plays as forward and has a vague, odd, Scots-like accent. Despite being local rival teams Jim did not initially know Barnaby's name, which may imply that Jim is also new to his rank.

Greater Rosewater Comprehensive presumably suffers from similar, though potentially lessened, effects from the Hellmouth resulting in annual student and staff deaths, but the extent to which this occurs is not clear.

In episode 4 the quiz team from GRC travels with the St. Thom Huell quiz team to a secondary school quiz, called "the Brain Olympics", in London at The Alexandria under the supervision of the STH Librarian Mr. Penrose. It is mentioned that last year, both the GRC and STH teams were killed in a motorway traffic accident en route to the quiz. Ultimately, the teams returned relatively unharmed despite the incidents that ensued at the Alexandria, with no team ending up the victor due to it being cancelled.

Known Students Edit

Jane Murphy - Hacker, White Hat

Gabriel O'Malley - Misfit, White Hat

Tim - Quiz team member

Anthony - Quiz team member

Jim - Rugby team captain