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The HMS Intrepid was a cruiser tasked with the exploration of the Hydra sector. When it exited drivespace in an unexplored system, It encountered a hostile fleet consisting of at least one cruiser, two frigates and unknown number of smaller craft. In the battle that followed, the Intrepid managed to severely damage one of the frigates and destroy several of the smaller craft, but suffered a large amount of damage itself. Enemy fire had disabled the ship's spike drive, and had caused hull breaches across the ship. One such hull breach occurred on the bridge, causing several members of the crew, including the Intrepid's commanding officer Captain Black, to be ejected into space.

Realizing the Intrepid wasn't going to survive, acting commander Monroe, in a last act of defiance, rerouted all available power to the engines. The resulting burst of speed allowed the Intrepid to ram the enemy cruiser, destroying them both.

The only known survivor from this ship is Cooper, a consultant hired to assist with the ship's navigation.

Crew Edit

Main crew Edit

Commanding officer: Captain Black

Comms officer: Lieutenant Rolf Taggart

Gunnery officer: Lieutenant Benjamin Monroe

Medical officer: Doctor Garrack

Chief Engineer: Bill

Additional crew Edit

Cooper - consultant.

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Subsystems Edit

  • Spike Drive - Rating 6
  • Docking facilities at least the following ships:
    • DSRV-1 - A frigate
    • DSRV-2 - A frigate

Weapons systems Edit

  • MAS Cannon - Spinal mounted railgun. Fires Iron/Tungsten projectiles.
  • Mag Spike Array - Primarily an anti-fighter weapon.