Horus is a human Adept investigating the SOX on behalf of an unidentified third party.

Biography Edit

Investigating the SOX Edit

Horus is approached by somebody who has been keeping an eye on the environment in the SOX. It seems that recently, the level of of radiation and the amount of mana spikes in the area have changed, and they want her to find out what caused these changes.

She accepts this assignment and after having been in the SOX for several days, Horus stumbles onto a team of Shadowrunners when they parachute into the area. the This team is attacked by a radiation spirit shortly after landing, and Horus helps them defeat it, having been spotted by the spirit as well.

After a bit of a rocky start - she accidentally damages one of their drones - Horus and the Shadowrunners agree to help each other with their respective missions. Shortly afterwards, they are attacked by a group of Glowpunks who noticed the airdrop and came over to investigate. These Glowpunks are eventually defeated when J4D3, one of the Shadowrunners, hacks into their trucks and proceeds to run them over with their own vehicles.

Appropriating one of the two vehicles, they make their way to a Catholic community south of Trier.

Appearance Edit

Horus is a Human of average height with long, curly, black hair. She has a tattoo of the Eye of Horus around one of her eyes. She has a olive skin tone.

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Guest and Specials Cast Horus [SR2]