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Posting pictures of Jane might be a good way to get hacked. Feeling lucky?

Jane Murphy, also known as [DATA NOT FOUND] is a [DATA NOT FOUND] year old girl who is known to be a student of Greater Rosewater Comprehensive School.

Jane was born on [DATA NOT FOUND] to father [DATA NOT FOUND] and mother [DATA NOT FOUND] at [DATA NOT FOUND]. It is not known if Jane has any siblings.

Jane started attending Greater Rosewater Comprehensive in [DATA NOT FOUND]...


What's going on?

Oh, that's enough of that! On with the article! - Robert Davidson

"We're not going to let you destroy any more information. Information belongs to people, it should be shared freely not destroyed!" - Jane Murphy

With long, flowing black hair, Jane Murphy is noted to be a notably-attractive girl amongst the students of the Greater Rosewater area and attends the local state school, Greater Rosewater Comprehensive. She was selected rather begrudgingly to join GRC's quiz team at the Brain Olympics at The Alexandria Hotel in London, sharing a minibus ride with the team from St. Thom Huell and the GRC team, including Gabriel O'Malley.

The Hacker of GRCEdit

Highly competitive, Jane quickly got into a challenge with the STH team, in particular Barnaby Crimp, using her charm and looks to convince a larger student from another school to create a path for herself and her fellow GRC students to reach the sign-in before STH, and to grab the lift up before STH, forcing a Barnaby with a wounded pride to decide that STH would take the stairs up.

At the AlexandriaEdit

Once the direness of the situation they were in was clear, Jane ordered Gabriel, Barnaby and Robert into her room, where they attemtpted to figure out the situation. It was also realised by Robert that with her compromisation of the hotel's systems, that Jane might have also cheated in the last round as well.

One thing that should be noted was that during their time at the Alexandria, Jane seemed to know about Imogen despite never having met her, even referring to her once as Barnaby's "Girlfriend". This and a few other suspicious mentions on her part suggesting she had prior knowledge about them, coupled with the fact that she had displayed a high level of skill with computers and is obviously a hacker, seems to suggest that she may have "researched" them beforehand.


Jane Murphy was a guest player character played by AnnaGeeks in the episode Bugs in the System, but was referred to considerably off-screen in ensuing episodes.