This section contains spoilers for Layla the Vampire Slayer Season 1.
Layla the Vampire Slayer Season 2 is the continuation of the hectic events of Season 1, as the heroes move on from a chaotic autumn of 1997 into 1998...


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Arc Num Air date Name Summary VOD
New Year,
New Problems
1 April 1, 2018 Death by Chocolate It's Friday 13th, the day before Valentine's Day, and some freak accidents occur... YT, Twitch
2 April 8, 2018 Slayer x Slayer Matters between Layla and Charity finally heat up... YT, Twitch
3 April 15, 2018 Toilet Trouble The team deals with a certain exegiency in the school toilets that requires an expedient remedy. YT, Twitch
4 April 22, 2018 Battle for the Bathroom Water and blood. Life and death. YT, Twitch
5 April 29, 2018 Axing Questions The dangers of magic, and of dangerous enemies. YT, Twitch
6 May 6, 2018 Pub Crawl Barnaby must put his new investigative skills into work, as they don't know who to trust any more. YT, Twitch
7 May 13, 2018 A Little Charity Mistaken words, and drawn blades. YT, Twitch
8 May 20, 2018 Special Sisters Two new transfer students arrive, and urgently need the gang's assistance for a life-or-death situation... YT, Twitch
9 May 27, 2018 Ned Dead Redemption A series of bad decisions in the past catches up to the team. YT, Twitch*
Robots & Relations 10 June 3, 2018 Operation Best Friend Yet another new transfer student appears, who immediately attaches to the team, who are immediately suspicious. YT, Twitch
11 June 10, 2018 I, Robbie Robbie must confront himself. YT, Twitch*
12 June 17, 2018 Meet Your Maker Time is running out, and it's in hours, not days. YT, Twitch
Sins and Statements 13 June 24, 2018 A House Divided The team grows, yet at the same time is weaker than ever... YT, Twitch
14 July 1, 2018 Crisis Robert worries his friends, and they try to see how to help him. YT, Twitch
15 July 8, 2018 Sinful War With two of their friends gone, Layla and what's left of her friends must deal with Wrath and Gluttony. YT, Twitch
The Slayer's Burden 16 July 15, 2018 The Promise A promise made nearly half a year ago is questioned. YT, Twitch
17 July 22, 2018 Broken Faith What ties bind? YT, Twitch
18 July 29, 2018 A Fork in the Road Field trip, and the consequences thereof. YT, Twitch
Fallout 19 August 5, 2018 Buffy vs Willow The gang forget something. YT, Twitch
20 August 12, 2018 Don't Kiss and Tell The guys attempt to have some fun amidst all the relationship issues they have. YT, Twitch
21 August 19, 2018 God Damn Witches Relationship issues abound, but Charity has not been idle. YT, Twitch
Mail and Machinations 22 August 26, 2018 Knight Time The party come under attack from militant LARPers. YT, Twitch
23 September 2, 2018 Getting Medieval The gents are besieged by a bunch of militant LARPers. YT, Twitch
The Last Full Measure 24 September 9, 2018 Soulmate The issue of Charity leds the team to take desperate measures. YT, Twitch
25 September 16, 2018 Plans Laid Bare With new allies in tow, the team tries to find how deep they're in. YT, Twitch
26 September 23, 2018 Centre of the Spiral With a centuries-old plan exposed, they must now race to end it. YT, Twitch
27 September 30, 2018 The Price Once more unto the breach... YT, Twitch
Finale Aftershow 27A September 30, 2018 LTVS S2 Finale Aftershow YT, [Twitch]

Please note that episodes denoted by a * lack Twitch VODs due to technical difficulties encountered during the streams.

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