Season 1 Edit

In Season 1 Pink appeared as a small human-mage with paranoia and a passionate bias against corporations. He can summon Periwinkle, a nature spirit in the form of a unicorn, which earned the nickname Urinicorn in a hilarious conflict with Blowback.

Season 2 Edit

In Season 2 Pink was first seen in Episode 1, Brain Dead. The personality of Pink came to fruition via nanite injection to both eyeballs of the braindead Aztechnology employee Peter Blake by Tag. Peter Blake was used as a double agent against Saeder-Krupp for Aztechnology, but before his motorbike accident 6 weeks before Episode 1 he had a managemental role with the Europe based Aztech blackops team, acting as a intermediary and being in-charge with the UK and certain parts of Europe.

Pink's personality exists within the nanite colony, in Peter Blake's body. In time, it may overwrite his personality with the one of an AI (CFD).