"The goons are getting bigger." -Gato Alto

Red is a gang leader of the Choppers, a gang operating in Manchester, in partcular around the Fair Clinic. He is a very big ork. Both his tusks are chrome, as is his left arm, which is a bulky and crude cybernetic arm with a large meat cleaver attached.

As a leader of the Choppers, he is very eager to dispell their current reputation as "not that violent" and assert his dominance. He was very eager to butcher Charles Cane and sell his cyberware while he was staying at the Fair Clinic, but Tag managed to negotiate with him. Red, in turn, took a bit of a twisted liking to the "litte padre" and agreed to let them go in exchange for a favor.

He has one of Tag's burner metalinks's number to call in that favor and has stated that, should Tag fail to respond, he will come and find him, hitting up churches and mutilating priests along the way. Tag has in response alerted the catholic churches security to him.

He is aware that Tag and his group are shadowrunners, or "problem solvers" as he likes to put it.