"Chat is being salty over Space-Harambe"

The Space-Harambe is the de facto name given to the captured jokaero found in Verdun's crashed ship the Nightrunner on the feral desert world of R'oh during the group's third mission. Jokaeros are an highly intelligent, psychically-powerful xeno race and one of their defining traits is their ability to craft highly advanced technologies from even the most basics parts. They resemble the old orangutans of Terra.

Space-Harambe managed to remove the tracking and make the start-up time for a data slate noticeably faster. It first communicated in binary, but Cassius communicated with its mind psychically. While it was working on Carolinus' autogun, Garret slayed the Space-Harambe with his laspistol. Space-Harambe's death has been a topic of controversy, both in character and for the spectators, known as "Twitch Chat." The Inqustion could have used this jokaero for studies and its ability to create advanced technology, but the more traditional members of the Inqustion may have called this highly heretical.