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The USS Revelation (NX-72377) is a prototype Nova-class/Revelation-subclass starship of the United Federation of Planets' Starfleet, designed for escort and exploration duties. It was launched after the loss of USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) at Veridian III in 2371.

Its first and currently only commanding officer is Captain Velsai Evead. The ship's Executive Officer and Chief Engineer, Commander Shrath Tal'arr, was involved in its design, including the design of multiple subsystems.

It is noted to be somewhat overweight and heavily-armed for its class. Unlike the Revelation's later sister USS Equinox, the Revelation appears to be rather short-staffed for command staff, with the executive officer doubling as chief engineer, and the chief medical officer doubling as chief science officer. This is peculiar, especially for a prototype of her class.

It is presumably capable of Warp 8, like the Revelation's sisters in the Nova-class, but unlike the standard Nova-class the Revelation possesses two warp cores. It may be capable of Warp 9[contested?].

The Revelation currently appears to be on independent assignment, subordinate to the United Federation of Planets Defense Council or Admiral Roden, rather than assigned to any particular unit.

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  • The Revelation's hull registry number is quoted as being NX-72377 in the intro, but as NX-27377 by EnterElysium in the first episode. It is not known which is correct, but numerically NX-72377 would make more sense considering the date. The hull registry of the USS Nova was NCC-73515.