Captain Velsai Evead is the commanding officer of the USS Revelation. He is a captain in Starfleet, having come up the Command track with the Command specialty.

He may be somewhat young for his rank and was selected as commanding officer of the Revelation over his XO, commander Ta'larr, who was involved in the ship's design.

Service Record Edit

Date Assignment Notes
2371 USS Revelation Commanding Officer
2370-2371 - Administrative Leave
2369-2370 USS Peanutbutter
2364-2369 USS Gaul
2362-2364 USS Churchill
Game Master None
Main Cast Barnaby Crimp [LTVS]Cpt. Velsai Evead [STR]Glamon Desmognathus [DITF]Morgan Echo [AHS]
Guest and Specials Cast Harriet Burns [LTVS-MH '17]Noel Snowsparkles [Xmas '17]Waldein Samkeit [POTBS]