Woodley is a coastal town on the Vagrant Isles southern coast and is the main port for people who travelled from the mainland continent. During almost the entierty of D&D series Woodley was a quarantine zone, the plaque of the "Weeping Rot" had intensified in Woodley like no other place on the island. Woodley and surronding areas, such as the southern parts of the Croftwood was under a intensive fog, which seemed to cause failure in their crops. The town is ruled by Magistrate Redfern.

Woodley has one main square, which acts as a marketplace. Near it is a temple devoted to the Grey Lady which was headed by Mary Shelby. The Waltzing Cat, a local tavern, is located in the northern part of town.

The Battle of Woodley Edit

In the final episode of D&D a large-scale battle was fought between a army from Ballard's Cross, lead by Ibn Turab, and the Khizrathi, lead by Kark.